Smell Good Spa

Ok, so this post has nothing to do with handbags, but I must comment on the package I recieved yesterday.

I am apart of a online networking forum called Black Business Woman Online. This is a wonderful group. They are very supportive and offer tons of help with anything you can imagine. I would strongly advise you all join. Anyway, I am apart of a group that was creative to give more support to the members of this group. This support can be anything from advice about business, purchasing items, website linking, etc. A few weeks ago, Smell Goods Spa was on the list to be "supported" by all. I quickly logged on her website, and was very interested in a lot of things that she has to offer. She specializes in fragrance oil blends, signature hand-dipped incense, and gourmet made-to-order bath & body products.

When I got home yesterday, I found that my small package was on my door step. I was surprised how fast I recieved my items (there's a 7-14 day production time). I quickly retreived it and went inside, excited to see and smell what was inside. As soon as I opened the box, the air was filled with a wonderful fragrance. I am not sure what the smell was but boy did it smell good.

My home was quickly over run with the wonderful smell of the small package I was sent. I ordered the White ginger body butter, some lip balm and some King aftershave for my husband. Itiel also threw in some samples (fragrance oils, incense cones, more body butter and sachet beads).

I am in love with everything that Itiel sent and will be sure to purchase again. The fragrance that she uses is not very strong or overpowering. I love that everything is made to order, that way I know everything is fresh and hasn't been sitting on a shelf for months.

I strongly advise that everyone that reads this goes to Smell Good Spa and pick an item, pick a flavor and fall in love too!


Itiel said...

I am so happy that you are pleased with your order. Thank you for your support!

Yes, my lead time is 7-14 days. All that I do is important to me, my priorities have priorities, LOL. So since I am a wife, home-schooling mommy, business woman, and customer service provider, I give that lead time. I usually get it out sooner (as you experienced), but I like to have that lead time as a cushion. It keeps me sane, so that I can create and produce excellent products. One day I will have employees and that lead time will decrease. ;O)

You are so kind. Again, thank you for your support.