My First Time....

So I logged on to my Myspace on Saturday afternoon as was surprised to see this message waiting for me:

I found your
Jillian clutch to fly to pass by. So I featured it in my blog. I mainly use my
blog to highlight fab accessory finds at great prices. With that being said you
have been featured becuase of your Jillian clutch. For more exposure I always
suggest the artist place a bulletin and a blog on myspace that states that
you've been featured on Always Accessorize blog, to let all your friends and
potential customers know about your gaining popularity.

www. alwaysaccessorize. com
www. alwaysaccessorize. blogspot. com
I am excited to be featured on this blog. This is my first time being featured on anyone's site. Please stop by the blog and read what she has written.