Love this Fabric

I love this fabric and have been seeing this print for months at Joann Fabrics. Last weekend, I decided to pick it up and finally create something. What did I create?? A bag of course. I love the bag so much that I am wondering whether or not to sell it :(

This fabric to some is , well, ugly. The big bright yellow flowers against the big black flowers on a white background. I love that is LOUD! I love to stand out. What look like everyone else right? Now, this fabric had to be used sparingly. Imagine how a pair of pants would look in this print, not great huh??? A cute summer mini dress may have worked, but with my long legs, I don't think my husband to be would like that. The only logical solution, as of now is to make a cute bag and some accessories to go with it. Now that I have completed my handbag, I am going to work on making eyeglass cases and some cosmetic bags too. Keep your eyes open for posts on that.