4 more months!!

There are 4 more months until my wedding. In all the excitement and preparation, I have been sewing less. It's already been hard trying to start my business, raise a 9 year old and manage a relationship with a wonderful (and understanding) man and work a full time job. I have been blessed with an understanding family, but it seems like things are starting to fall to the wayside the closer it get's to my wedding. I have already done quite a few things... made the invites, started my wedding dress, did some flowers, but it seems like the more I do, the more needs to get done.I'd love to recieve some advice from you ladies on who you "juggle" all that life hands you. It get's hard and seems like there is never enough time in the day. I find myself, logging in and checking out the forums and groups during my full time job (8 -5). Some times, I get home and would rather work on building my business rather than finish preparing for my wedding, or do my "motherly" duties and cook, clean,etc. I guess I just have to keep on moving and do what I can. I can't be superwoman and do it all.