Custom Totes

These are a few custom pieces you won't find online... I created these 2 tote bags for a coworker. She was carrying around a tote that was given to her 2 years ago by the company we work for. Needless to say this company issued tote had the company logo screenprinted very largely on both sides. She loved the size of the bag, but wanted pockets and was tired of giving away free advertising. Anyhow, she came down today to gush about how happy she is with her purchase. The black and white one is the one that she's is sporting. The leopard print one was created for her cousin who loves animal prints. There is divided slip pockets along the back lining and there's a zippered pocket on the front. The strap is 27" long and it sits about 14" from the shoulder.


Glitter said...

Both are very cute. I love the damask print!