Bit Baubles and Buttons

I just have to share with everyone my recent purchase from a wonderful crafty lady. Her name is Bridget and she is a mom, blogger, sewer, knitter and jewelry artisan. Now if you know me, I'm not a big jewelry person but when I seen her "Amber Ring" I fell in love. I told my husband about it a few months ago. I am not sure if he thought I was joking or what, but I never did receive it for our anniversary.

Anyhow, over the weekend she had a Black Friday sale (much like most businesses online) and since I had one a contest that she was holding I got an extra percentage off! I jumped online and ordered this ring and some earrings for my daughter. Monday morning I got notification that this shipped so everyday I patiently waited for my ring to make it's long journey from Mississippi to Pennsylvania. Last night I ran home and ran down to the mail box with a big "Kook-Aid" smile on my face. I know my ring was here!!! I opened the package and there it was all wrapped up in blue tissue paper and bubble wrap. I loved her little sticker that held the tissue paper together (she's a graphic artist too)...So here are the photos.. Let's just say I am a very happy and satisfied customer.

Bits Baubles and Buttons by Bridget - Creating Accessories to fit your personality!


Bits Baubles and Buttons said...

What a wonderful post! I must linked to this. I am so happy that you were satisfied. I was a little worried since you said that you were not a jewelry person. How did your daughter like her earrings?

Myla's Bags said...

I am not a jewelry person,but there are some pieces that do catch my eye. I love pearls so if I find a nice casual pearl piece I do find a way to get it :). My daughter hasn't seen the earrings yet,(physically) they are a Christmas stocking stuffer. But when I was on your site, she seen them and she said that they were "really cute". I am sure she'll love them.

Bohemian Gal said...

Love Bridget's work! That ring looks adorable on your hand!

Myla's Bags said...

Yes I know it does look nice on my hand.. big hands need big rings :)

I am still getting compliments on it a week later!