Christmas Wish List

I am so feeling all these items right now. Even though I told my hubby not to get me anything (we are doing some heavy traveling up and down the East Coast), I know he is going to buy me something for Christmas. I hope he reads my blog...

Looks good enough to eat!

Still in love after a month of online "window" shopping.


(I know what I said about grown women shopping in the jr dept.) I might make this...

I met this lady @ a craft show a few months ago. She was a doll and her mother is hilarious! I traded some items with her for some soap and I fell in love!! This soap doesn't leave my skin dry and flaky and surprisingly there's no "ring around my tub".. I love that!!


Itiel said...

All great choices. I heart that ring designed by BB&Bby B.

Myla's Bags said...

Yes I love the ring too.. and Lucretia's scrub.. mmm... yummy!