Thanksgiving/Black Friday

Can you believe Thanksgiving is exactly 3 days away? I've already got my plans in place, and I'm very pleased that I will not be traveling as far this year, but only 30 minutes away to a cousin's place for dinner. My (large) family always does a potluck style dinner and I will be bringing something different this year. I offered to do a roast instead of ham, and I will be bringing green beans as well. I might feel up to making something for dessert, although I am not sure just yet.

I'm sure you have your Thanksgiving weekend plans already in place, and I am here to tell you that you can now include some shopping for handmade goodness in those plans! I am planning a Black Friday sale, which is actually going to start on Thanksgiving Day. That's not the only sweet deal going on at Myla's Bags this season. Check it:

Black Friday sale: Use code FAT1109 to get 30% off everything at http://www.mylasbags.com/ from Thursday, November 26 until Saturday, November 28.

Custom Orders Sale: Facebook fans & Twitter followers get 15% off all custom orders until December 25! If your not a Facebook Fan or Twitter Follower, use the links on the right to get signed up!!!

Besides all these coupon codes and sweet deals, there's also the all-new items in the sale shop I created on Ecrater.

Enjoy your holiday shopping, and don't forget to pick up something for yourself!