My week so far

Didn't feel like making bags so I made a few of these on Monday...(fyi.. they are pocket tissue holders)

Loved these when I saw them. I found the tutorial online here and I made some...

And I started a bedspread for my daughter today. I found this fabric called "Running 8th's" at Joann Fabrics a few weeks ago. I also found a pattern for pillows that I liked so I took the pillow pattern and just started making blocks. I am hoping to have the blocks sewn together tonight and back it with some fleece sometime this weekend. I am still debating what color I should buy the fleece in.

Ah..2 more days... I am enjoying my time off... I love being home with the cats. I love them but they are super lazy and have a strange way of convincing me to take an afternoon nap before my daughter comes home. I hope to ward off the lazy kitty spell and to get some more stuff made up.. I have a show on Saturday!



One week off... GREAT!!

I had big plans for this week. I have craft show on Saturday and was planning on making tons of bags and accessories for the show.... BUT I got sick. I think it's a head cold.. I think.. anyway.. stuffing nose and sore throat...Dayquil is great, but it still makes me drowsy... I am hoping that I can get rid of this illness by Wednesday so I can get some work done.



Working Hard

Last week was a very busy week for me. There was so much going on with creating an 80's outfit for my daughter, getting my family organized for our Mother's Day dinner and also just spending time with my family. I was very blessed to be able to spend Saturday afternoon and evening sewing up some handbags with my daughter. She decided that she finally wanted to sit down and make some catnip squares for the cats. So from 1 o'clock to almost 8 we sewed and sewed and sewed. Well, she didn't sew as much, she went outside for an hour and rollerbladed and played with friends. That little bit of time we spent together was a joy. We didn't argue, we sat there and talked a bit and enjoyed each other's company. In that time, we also were able to put together 3 bags (a denim Massie, a Amy Butler Print Jenni and a tan linen Mascara) and about 4 cat nip toys (she did more talking than working). The bags will be photographed very soon.. Hopefully before it rains tomorrow.. then they will be listed on the website for purchase.


80's Creations

If you read my previous blog on the 80's, I am sure you are waiting for the pictures from the school dance last week. Well here they are. My daughter informed me earlier in the week that not many students or parents were going to dress up, so I held back and did not go "ALL OUT" in accessorizing and dressing up for the event. Here is a photo of my daughter in her tutu. She loved the earrings so much that she is still wearing them.



Finally, I have posted the belts on the website. Come by and check them out. I think they are adorable and are a perfect match for your handbag. While looking through some remenants this morning for another project I got going, I found some more fabric that I can make into belts.

myla's bags