Working Hard

Last week was a very busy week for me. There was so much going on with creating an 80's outfit for my daughter, getting my family organized for our Mother's Day dinner and also just spending time with my family. I was very blessed to be able to spend Saturday afternoon and evening sewing up some handbags with my daughter. She decided that she finally wanted to sit down and make some catnip squares for the cats. So from 1 o'clock to almost 8 we sewed and sewed and sewed. Well, she didn't sew as much, she went outside for an hour and rollerbladed and played with friends. That little bit of time we spent together was a joy. We didn't argue, we sat there and talked a bit and enjoyed each other's company. In that time, we also were able to put together 3 bags (a denim Massie, a Amy Butler Print Jenni and a tan linen Mascara) and about 4 cat nip toys (she did more talking than working). The bags will be photographed very soon.. Hopefully before it rains tomorrow.. then they will be listed on the website for purchase.