Hello Bag Carriers!

Did you know that there is a proper way to carry a handbag? Well as we all know there is a right and a wrong way of doing everything... right? Well, this includes handbag carrying too! Allow me to give a series of lectures in handbag carrying 101.

I've seen many women at the check out stand of a grocery store and/or department store "digging for gold" at the bottom of their bag when it's time to give change. I've even seen girlfriends receive change from a cashier and just "dump" the change in the bottom of their handbag. One of the worst, is the sistah who "dump" and allow uncovered ink pens to roam around her bag and mark up everything it touches... including her cash. But the dumper who should receive a lifetime sentence to carrying a fanny pack (lol) is the sistah who dumps her cosmetics! LADIES... STOP!!!! THIS IS SO UN-DIVA! All of the above mentioned violations can and will be stopped.Did you know that properly carrying a handbag can save money, time, and stress? First, let me tell you how proper handbag carrying can save money.1. Get a coin pouch!Keeping your change in a coin pouch, saves time, money and energy! The coin pouch is a women's triple threat. Knowing where your change is allows you to whip out exact change to that impatient cashier and keeps you from having to turn around and tell the waiting customers behind you a thing or two about patience. Coin pouches saves money because at the end of the year if you keep all your change, you will have close to $400 saved.

2. Keep up with the tops to those ink pens!
Keeping your ink pens covered, helps the bottom of your bags to remain spotless. You should utilize the side zipper for your phone, ink pen, and keys at all times. Nobody likes the stress of searching for a ringing phone or car keys on a rainy or dark night. Using your side zipper will help keep your stress level down and save time as well. Coincidently, you'll also same money because we all know, time is also money... right!

3. Conceal your concealer... and lipstick... and eye shadow oh my!
How many eye shadows have you had to replace because you dumped it in the bottom of you bag, and it broke into a million pieces? How many eyeliners have you replaced because you thought you were out, but in actuality, you dumped it in the bottom of purse #1021 of 3500 in your closet? This is another triple threat! By having two things... ONE spot for all of your cosmetics (a vanity, or a shelf in your linen closet) and a cosmetic bag which holds ONLY the cosmetics you are wearing for that day, you save both money and time. You save money because you have a better since of inventory control, you save time because once again... you eliminate countless search time. You will definitely spend less time stressing over where that M.A.C chestnut lip liner is!

Properly carrying a handbag is not just about rather you choose to drape the strap over your shoulder or in the crease of your arm. How you choose to carry your handbag on the outside is clear. However, if I asked you for $1.93 exactly, how long would it take you to give it to me? If I asked you do see the pot your eye shadow you're wearing looks like, would you be too ashamed to let me see it? A true diva takes pride in what you see and don't see. What's in your handbag is a lot like underwear.... Though it may be unseen, it is still a reflection of who you are.

Article provided by:
Nicci Butler