Multipurpose Pouch

For all you that have read the article on "Handbag Undies" this is the perfect accessory for you is the multipurpose pouch.

The pouch is perfect for all your everyday needs and some. The large one is long enough to hold a few pens and pencils, maybe some makeup. I don't know about you, but how often do you find yourself looking for a pen to fill out a check while you are in a store?? The large multi is the perfect size for carrying your checkbook and pen.
The small multi pouch holds are your small daily essentials, your credit cards and some cash. I always have a few in my possession to hold my many coupons for the grocery store and those "shopper's club cards".
Come by my website and my store to see all the different colors there are. I am sure you will find one that you love. As always, I can do a custom one to match any of the bags online, all you have to do is ask!