Hey, Hey, Hey, It's Fat Albert!!

Talk about a blast from the past! I was in Joann's doing my usually searching for unusual fabrics when I came across a familiar face. I pulled out the fabric and was surprised to see that it was the Fat Albert characters. "Whoa", I said out loud, the woman next to me gave me an odd look. I got a bit excited, but soon was disappointed. The fabric was a poly blend, which means, it can't really be made into a bag. I kind of reminded me of something I would make a man's shirt out of or maybe some PJ pants. I quickly put the fabric back and continued to walk around the store. As I walked for a few minutes more (actually about 45 minutes) I decided to just get it anyway.

As I stood in line for the cutting counter, I sat and thought of what I could make with this fabric. If it were a cotton print, I could have easily made it into a drawstring back pack, but it's not. I thought of cutting it apart and making appliques out of the fabric, but what would I apply this applique to?? Still working on that. I was thinking of making up some t-shirts, maybe some totes.


Smell Goods Lady said...

I would love to see what you come up with. I still get excited when I see anything with Fat Albert and The Gang!