Bridget Bag

I was approached months ago from a very supportive customer. She loved the Mascara bag (she already purchased 2) but she wanted something bigger and with round handles. It took me a while to get it together, but this year, I started a weekly "to-do" list. Bridgets bag was number one on that list. I sat down on Tuesday and drafted up a pattern. Wednesday I cut it out and sewed it together and Thursday I posted it on Facebook for her to see. Well let me tell you, she LOVED it! I posted it to my Facebook page and already had another person wanting it already. I have lots of work to do this weekend =)

I know she doesn't want me to sell her bag to anyone but her, BUT if you like it and want some jewelry to match check her site out. I think this would go real nice with this Bridget bag


Narahs' Jewelry said...

Yes, I don't want anyone buying that bag! Got it? LOL Thanks so much My-ella! :) I absolutely adore this bag. I will be the girl to envy with this bag adorning my arm. Don't hate...just imitate! Imitators are welcomed. Ha! Eh, can a get a scrap piece of that fabric? LOL I need my ring to match perfectly! Gosh, I am so silly. Thanks again, My-ella!