Jenni Clutch

I created this bag about 2 years ago. I called it the Jenni clutch (because it matched the Jenni pleated tote). I only made 3 of them. 1 in orange floral, one in black and white floral and one in solid black. I was going through some old photos today and found this photo. It took me back to the first day I made this. I loved that bag, why did I stop making it? Who knows!! Sometimes I do things just because. There's not always a reason why I do (or don't do) things. But my reason for drafting a new pattern is because I loved this bag... Yeah I know I've already said that, but I do love it. I hope to get home tonight and get on sewing a few of them up. The next few will have some changes made. First, the flap will be wider. That way if you drop your bag, all your belongings won't go flying. The next change will be the addition of a detachable strap. I hope to get the pattern for this drafted up tonight so I can start on them before I go on vacation on the 19th.

What do you think about the Jenni Clutch. Is it something you'd carry?



Itiel said...

Yes, it would! That is an Itiel bag. Before reading the post, I was like, where is that bag, I haven't seen it before. I am so into pleats. It is one of the things on top of the feminine list. I would like solid color or bold geometric pattern.