I love the 80's

Yes, I was an eighties baby, but I don’t really remember much about my youth let alone the horrible fashions I am sure I was dressed up in by my mother. My daughter wants to go her school social next week. The theme… “Dress like your favorite decade”. Well I knew everyone would probably do the 50’s and the 70’s so I told my daughter we were going to do the 80’s.

I am very excited to be making our outfits for the party and I hope to get them started and finished over the weekend. Her outfit will consist of a cute little tube dress with a tutu, some pink tights and some funky and bright jewelry. Of course she’ll bring back the infamous side ponytail for just one night only.

My outfit will be little less 80’s, but still 80’s enough. I will have on an off the shoulder shirt dress with a pair of tights. I am hoping to find stirrups… remember
those???? I’ll have the same loud, chunky jewelry on and a cute belt for the dress. I hope to find some heels for the event.

I do not not if my husband is coming, BUT I hope he does join us. I already have is outfit picked out..... Miami Vice anyone??? He would make a very nice Detective Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs I hope to get these done and of course posted when we take pictures the day of the party.

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