Website Down

Some of you may have noticed that my website has been down for about a week or so. It first started with my host. I don't know if I did something wrong or if my host needed to change something. My husband, being the tech nerd {spoken in love} as he is, upgraded the computer to using Internet Explorer 8. He loved it; he showed me all the features of the upgrade. Right now, I could care less. I never seem to appreciate the upgrade for months after the fact. Anyhow, with my issues of trying to upload to my web host and failing in all my attempts; I sat down and started to create another, updated site. Looking at my old site, I thought it was a bit dark. A black and grey background was really dark. It did not show my bright personality. It did not show my products for what they are. I decided to change my background to reflect the new blue logo I’ve created for myself. I’ve added other pages to my site, even a new ordering page. Right now the pages aren’t up and running. I want to launch when I am completely done editing all the pages on my site.

Creating a site all by myself has been a challenge, but so worth while. I can be a little ADHD with things, so having the know how in web building helps me to save some money and also change something on my site without waiting for another to design and finish it for me.

So, if you aren’t already on it, please join my mailing list. I hope to send out a notice in the near future(hopefully in the next week) when my site launches again