What is this??

Look closely @ the picture and think about what it is made out of. Think outside the "BOX".

A coworker of mine just came back from a 7 day cruise on the new Independence ship by Royal Caribean. Let's just say she enjoyed in very much, especially considering the weather we've had in the last week or so. While she was out exploring and enjoying this wonderful, new ship, she came across this mosiac and was amazed and instantly thought of me. You are probably wondering why she would think of me, but can you believe this whole mosiac is made from spools of thread??? Thosands of spools of different color tread make up this mosaic that was about 2 stories tall. Now I kind of want to go on this ship to see this art in person. Who would think to use tons of thread to create something like this? This kind of inspires me to start thinking "Outside the box" again in creating interesting pieces.. oh the wheels are slowly turning in the brain....

Myla's Bags


Itiel said...

Wow, gorgeous and so creative! Definitely out of the box.