Please tune in... January 7, 2009

This lady and I connected a few weeks ago on MySpace and on BBWO. She commented on how beautiful crafted my bags are and then offered a spotlight on her Thursday night Empowerment calls. I was happy to be featured, but more than that, I have been inspired just by reading her profile and blog. On July 27, 2006, Latrina faced her greatest challenge as she faced a nine-millimeter gun while working and forced into a secluded room by the gunman. God spared her life and now she wants to share her story. She has faced homelessness, loneliness and despair. How did she overcome it all? It was by the grace of God. She wants to give to you the tools to make your dreams a reality. God has qualified her to be a culprit to significantly enhance your life. She is described as "Petite and Powerful". She is dynamic!

I look forward to listening to what she has to offer every Thursday Night. Please read more about Latrina below. She is sure to inspire and motive myself and anyone else that tunes in to listen.

Latrina’s live empowerment calls are to empower, inspire, uplift, motivate, transform lives and stimulate the human spirit to reconnect to one's divine reasoning for existing and doing the necessary to live a purpose filled life. To ignite one's spirit to be determined and relentless of having a total successful life and never settling for mediocre regardless of one's challenge. To remind each listener they are more powerful than any challenge they may face.

Now is the time to live with passion, purpose, and direction by living EACH DAY AS IF IT Were YOUR LAST, because it just might be.What have you been putting off? How has your action or non-action delayed your destiny?Each call is going to be LIFE CHANGING! If you are tired of being stuck, know you need to make a decisive move of action to achieve your destiny, tired of living a mediocre life and ready to begin creating the life of your dreams then do not miss this free live empowerment call.

This is the year of change! If you want change, then you have to be the change you want.

Every Thursday
Time: 5:00 pm Pacific (6:00 MST/7:00 CST/8:00 pm EST)
Call-in Number (712) 432-1701 PIN code: 1074210#

Come ready to overcome your fears and begin creating the life of your dreams!

~Latrina L. Johnson
Life Transforming Professional Speaker, Life Guidance Mentor author of Change Your Life by Changing Your Mind and CEO of SAM (Speaking Above Mediocrity),LLC



Eco-Chic Grocery totes

I have been approached on several ocassions regarding making some eco-friendly grocery totes.

I finally got a chance to sit down and really think about how big I would make a bag. I have been doing some research and most of the "handcrafted" bags I've seen on the market have been smaller, regular flat tote style bags. I wanted to incorporate the "tote" style into my design, but also make it really wide and functional for use as a grocery bag. I added sturdy cotton webbing handles, and double stitched all the seams for durability.

Although I am very happy with the way this bag has turned out, my wonderful husband has given me numerous ideas on how I can better it. Let's just hope that I have the time to create the new styles soon.

Michaela Phifer
Myla's Bags