After alot of discussions between my husband and I, I finally decided to make my own bag stand for future craft shows and other events. I am no dummy when it comes to sketching out and idea, although my drawing skills are lacking, my brain can hold tons of precise details on projects and ideas that I get. I headed out to Home Depot late last week and and played around with the PVC piping. I had some idea on what was needed, but had to go out to see if this was true. Anyhow, after only 30 minutes in the store, I checked out, called my husband (because my car was too short to haul 10 feet of PVC pipe) and headed home. After some fitting and measuring, I came up with measurements for how long to cut each pipe. I only glued the bottom portion of the stand so that I am still able to add on to my base if necessary. I am still waiting to paint it. Right know the manufacturer's writing is showing. I have to set up my boxes so that I can spray paint it in the garage without overspray happening... The top pieces are still able to pull apart or be collapsed if I need room in my vehicle.
I can't wait until my first show this year on March 29th. I am hoping that everything stands up to the touching and pulling of anxious customers.