Busy Bee

I was a busy bee last week. We had a mandatory shutdown on President's Day, I got my wisdom teeth pulled on Wednesday and took Thursday off to "recover".

I had plenty of time to get alot of things done. Monday I spent most of the day cutting and making 4 new bags for the Spring. I have 2 new Jenni bags up and posted and I also made 2 more Book Totes. I just love those 2 styles and every time I look at the photo's, I just want to keep them for myself.

I started making product pages for my website and I am satisfied with that. Building a website with NO prior knowledge of HTML and such is hard... it's VERY hard. But it is worth it. I love knowing that I created it. There are alot of other things that I would like to do with it and plan on taking a Dreamweaver course in the Spring, hopefully if we get schedules figured out.
Last week, was a very productive week and I hope to have more like that.


Itiel said...

Loving that white Jenni! Ouch on the wisdom. Are you better?