Sewing for a very important cause

I was inspired this weekend as I walked around Joann Fabrics. There were so many beautiful fabrics out. I knew that I could not bring anymore fabric home to create bags, but I was still drawn to a certain fabric. My daughter who is usually very inpatient looked at me and says," Mommy, you haven't made me a dress in awhile." That was very true. It has been over a year since I made her any clothing. The last thing I made was a cute denim blazer in Fall of your Second Grade year at school. She is now going on double digits (10 years old) and doing well in Fourth Grade. I quickly went over and picked out a cute dress pattern for her. It was labelled an "easy" pattern so I said, "Perfect, it'll take me no time to crank this dress out."

Well it too longer than "no time" to make it, but I was very satisfied with the work. It's been a long while since I made any clothing. It's always good to create things for myself. I feel good walking around in a pair of pants or a dress that I made. I know that it is made from good quality fabric, the construction is superb and it fits me the way it should.

Needless to say, my daughter loved her new dress and wanted to wear it Monday morning. She didn't get to wear it Monday, because it's Gym day, but Tuesday she was extra happy and proud to be wearing a beautiful dress that "mommy" made.

I am hoping to continue on this trend of creating more goods for my daughter, for as long as she lets me. I know there will be a time in her life when "homemade" clothes are not going to be "cool" and I am happy to accept that.