We've Moved!!

I have officially moved the blog onto my own domain . It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, I guess all that drama was just in my head.

Please update your links and follow us on our new site. All the posts that are here are over at the new site so feel free to go back in time and check out the old posts. This blog will be here for a while but will eventually come down. Take a look and let us know what you think here http://blog.mylasbags.com

I hope to see you all over there. I am still updating things so there may be a few changes everytime you come by.

Oh.. If I follow your blog, don't worry, I will continue to =)


Bridget Bag

I was approached months ago from a very supportive customer. She loved the Mascara bag (she already purchased 2) but she wanted something bigger and with round handles. It took me a while to get it together, but this year, I started a weekly "to-do" list. Bridgets bag was number one on that list. I sat down on Tuesday and drafted up a pattern. Wednesday I cut it out and sewed it together and Thursday I posted it on Facebook for her to see. Well let me tell you, she LOVED it! I posted it to my Facebook page and already had another person wanting it already. I have lots of work to do this weekend =)

I know she doesn't want me to sell her bag to anyone but her, BUT if you like it and want some jewelry to match check her site out. I think this would go real nice with this Bridget bag


All About Cranberry!

For the past 2 months I have been obsessed with cranberries. I have always loved cranberries and usually only ate them around the holidays (cranberry sauce anyone?), but my lovely husband showed me how easy it was to make homemade whole cranberry sauce. I couldn't believe it.. just water, sugar and cranberries!! I will soon be sad when the cranberry season is over. I think it's over now, but I have still found some cranberries in the grocery stores. Maybe I could use frozen berries in my sauce??

Anyhow, here is my small tribute to the cranberry.


Ash Cranberry Bowl by holzfurhaus



These beads from torchdbeads on Etsy look good enough to eat!! YUM!



Yes, I know I am little late with the New Years wishes, but I have been busy!

If you aren't a fan on Facebook, I suggest you become one!! I do more Facebook updating thatn I do my blog. One of my things to do this year is to do more with my blog, but just in case you miss something, click the link to the right to become a Facebook Fan!! ----->>

Anyhow, if you haven't been on it in a while, please feel free to check out my newly updated website. I decided to tackle Zen Cart during my holiday break and have learned a lot about reading .PHP coding. I was a bit disappointed that I could implement it on my already designed site, but I am digging the way it turned out with all my adjustments I made to the Zen template.

I have also been slowly adding my items to the store and also taking different photos of some of my items. Check out the Eco Chic Shoppers. I love the way they turned out. Especially the new Watermelon and Cherry ones :)