Happy Birthday

to me. If you didn't already know. Today was my birthday. I woke up and had a great morning. I came to work. I had a wonderful surprise in my email box. I submitted a "Bright Idea" and it was approved and implemented. YAY! I have tons of bright ideas, but this was the first one that was approved. I am happy to be submitting wonderful ideas on how to improve processes at work. I also got a wonderful Edible Arrangement from my daring husband... he's a sweet heart.

I also got some chocolate covered apples, oranges and strawberries from my good friend Jenn. I love chocolate covered oranges. I first tried them 3 months ago when I got her an Edible Arrangement for her birthday. All I can say is that my diet I wanted to start today just got postponed for another day. You can't waste good chocolate, right???

Oh, I guess I should also note that I have a sale going in to celebrate my birthday. You can receive 29% off your total purchase from now until Saturday, June 6th. Enter coupon code JUNE29 at checkout to receive the discount.