My week so far

Didn't feel like making bags so I made a few of these on Monday...(fyi.. they are pocket tissue holders)

Loved these when I saw them. I found the tutorial online here and I made some...

And I started a bedspread for my daughter today. I found this fabric called "Running 8th's" at Joann Fabrics a few weeks ago. I also found a pattern for pillows that I liked so I took the pillow pattern and just started making blocks. I am hoping to have the blocks sewn together tonight and back it with some fleece sometime this weekend. I am still debating what color I should buy the fleece in.

Ah..2 more days... I am enjoying my time off... I love being home with the cats. I love them but they are super lazy and have a strange way of convincing me to take an afternoon nap before my daughter comes home. I hope to ward off the lazy kitty spell and to get some more stuff made up.. I have a show on Saturday!