Recycled Tees = Cute Totes

Here is the bag that I created from a shirt my daughter bought me for Mother's Day 4 years ago. (for those inquiring minds, it reads, "Worlds Greatest Mom")

Here's what it carrried home from a quick trip to the grocery store today. The bag help about 5-7 lbs worth of stuff. I think I could have put more in... maybe on another trip!

Just for kicks, I thought it would be cool to see how much it could hold. Right here, it hold about 4-5 boxes of cereal. More can be added on top of the cereal and the bag stretches with your items, so no need to worry about ripping open like those cheap plastic bags.

I will be creating so more. I had a few glances during the two weeks I sported it at work. It's a wonderful sized bag and it fits nicely over my shoulder like a large shoulder bag.