New Style: Lexi

I have been wanting to create a new shoulder bag for a long while now. I sat down months ago and drafted up a pattern for what is now the "Lexi" bag. Originally, this bag had rectangular wooden handles and was deeper. I played with the size for a long time. I knew I wanted a rectangular bad that could hold a lot, but most of the samples came out too short. I thought that I had a lot of bags that were deep, so I shortened it to the height of the Mimi handbag but made it the length of another bag that I own.
I am very satisfied with the way it came out. I thought that it would have been too long, but it's just perfect. It's tall enough for you to securely place your items in, but not too deep that you lose them in the bottom. Since the bag is wider, you have plenty of light and room to look for items that may have been floating at the bottom. This bag is 7 1/2 inches high by 17 inches long and 3 inches deep. There's a flap and snap closure. The straps are a generous length with an 11" drop so that it fits snugly under your arm.
I am going to enjoy creating this new bag and hope to receive lots of custom orders for it this holiday season.