Hippy Diva Dolls

What an adorable idea to help encourage self esteem in our young girls. So often we watch television and we see actresses being ridiculed for gaining 5 pounds and actresses starving themselves because they don't want to look to "heavy". I don't know about you, but a lot of those same actresses look horrible because almost every bone in their body is protruding for their stomachs, hips, necks and back.

There's nothing wrong with a little junk in the trunk and the front, and as my husband would say... "soft in all the right places" :) These dolls make me smile everytime I see one. I am going to get one for myself, as my family is always getting on me for "gaining weight". I feel good, I look good and I am healthy. There is nothing wrong with being healthy is there??? As long as you feel great, look great and keep healthy why would anything else matter? I enjoy being my size and wish that my daughter would see this and not feel so hard on herself is she were to put on a few pounds.

Check this Diva out on her online store http://www.hippydivadolls.com/

Check out her blogs too: http://www.hippydivadolls.blogspot.com/


The Muse said...

I adore her dolls and have placed my Christmas order!