Hey, Hey, Hey, It's Fat Albert!!

Talk about a blast from the past! I was in Joann's doing my usually searching for unusual fabrics when I came across a familiar face. I pulled out the fabric and was surprised to see that it was the Fat Albert characters. "Whoa", I said out loud, the woman next to me gave me an odd look. I got a bit excited, but soon was disappointed. The fabric was a poly blend, which means, it can't really be made into a bag. I kind of reminded me of something I would make a man's shirt out of or maybe some PJ pants. I quickly put the fabric back and continued to walk around the store. As I walked for a few minutes more (actually about 45 minutes) I decided to just get it anyway.

As I stood in line for the cutting counter, I sat and thought of what I could make with this fabric. If it were a cotton print, I could have easily made it into a drawstring back pack, but it's not. I thought of cutting it apart and making appliques out of the fabric, but what would I apply this applique to?? Still working on that. I was thinking of making up some t-shirts, maybe some totes.


Hippy Diva Dolls

What an adorable idea to help encourage self esteem in our young girls. So often we watch television and we see actresses being ridiculed for gaining 5 pounds and actresses starving themselves because they don't want to look to "heavy". I don't know about you, but a lot of those same actresses look horrible because almost every bone in their body is protruding for their stomachs, hips, necks and back.

There's nothing wrong with a little junk in the trunk and the front, and as my husband would say... "soft in all the right places" :) These dolls make me smile everytime I see one. I am going to get one for myself, as my family is always getting on me for "gaining weight". I feel good, I look good and I am healthy. There is nothing wrong with being healthy is there??? As long as you feel great, look great and keep healthy why would anything else matter? I enjoy being my size and wish that my daughter would see this and not feel so hard on herself is she were to put on a few pounds.

Check this Diva out on her online store http://www.hippydivadolls.com/

Check out her blogs too: http://www.hippydivadolls.blogspot.com/


Official Grand Opening

So I totally forgot to post a blog about the "Official" Grand Opening of my website. My website has been up and running since April, with many changes here and there, I am 90% satisfied with the way it looks. There are a few things I would love to change, but you know it takes allot of time to complete those changes. Building a website is hard work. Now I know why companies charge allot to create them for you. I spent many days and nights up away from my husband and daughter. Plenty of Saturday's indoors, many lunch breaks doing more on my website than I was eating.

Now that I am semi happy I need help from you all. I am looking for every one's input on my website. What do you like? What do you dislike?? What can I do (in your opinion) to make things user friendly, easier on the eyes, etc. Just leave me some feedback on my site letting me know how you feel. I am one that appreciates any comments (and criticisms) that may come my way to help better my business. Since you will be helping me, I figured I'd run a contest. For everyone that leaves feedback on my site you will be entered to win the new Massie Tote in Retro Red Floral ($35value). So step up and check out my site. Remember to leave feedback before August 15, I will be drawing names on the 16th.

Thanks and Good Luck to all of you that enter!



My Business Cards

So I went on VistaPrint and finally ordered business cards. What do you guys think?