Late Spring Cleaning

Last night I decided to take new pictures of my handbags. Allot of the pictures that are posted on my store are very poor quality. I have been waiting for my husband to take better pictures for me, but he is a very busy man.

I initially wanted to take them outside, set them on our patio table and take outdoor shots of them. Unfortunately, it was rainy and cold and just plain ugly last night. I pulled the multiple boxes up from the basement and walked them to the second floor of our townhouse. I slowly pulled out each style and took pictures of just about all the bags I had.

I sat a few bags aside, because I hadn't given them a name yet. These are bags that I created on a whim. They are truly one of a kind bags.

In my attemp at starting a business, I decided that it be best to sell them as is and stick with the basic designs that I have right now. There is nothing wrong with these bags. They are made with the same standards of all the bags that I am keeping in my "line". They are just bags that right now, I don't think will be a good seller. You can be the judge of that. Stop by my store and let me know what you think of some of the "Sample" bags I have up for sale.

Stop by soon because these bags are priced to sale and may not last long in the store.